Shimera Project Lighting Pvt. Ltd. is a business focussed on providing world class end to end lighting solutions for both
indoor and outdoor applications.

SOLUTIONS : Any Life-space Lighting application around.

  • Indoor

  • Outdoor

  • Customized
    Bespoke Lights

  • Vertical
    Specific Lights
    ( Hospitality, retail,

With pedigree since 1963, we understand and deliver lighting with substance. Since 1990, we deliver traditional to modern and contemporary solutions in exquisite lighting. We work on aesthetic lighting that not only enhances the effect on tangible things, but also affects the environment and the experience.

Our expertise lies in providing:

  • world-class brands to the Indian customer
  • comprehensive range, uniqueness around functionality
  • design and modelling, performance driven solutions
  • products with taste around aesthetics
  • easy on maintenance and with lower cost of ownership
  • in a safe and greener environment

A message from CEO

I believe in a bright future. With light we are constantly changing our visible world and creating a new experience of space. With technology we fulfil the dreams of people who demand more from light through new product and lighting solutions.

I enjoy thinking of new ideas and personally aware that how long the path is from ideas to a cohesive solution. My personal goal is to shorten that Path.

Energy saving, aesthetics and providing well being in a space are the most important requirements of modern luminaries. Our goal is to create satisfaction.

Lighting solutions are created by People. I am proud of the achievements of my colleagues and co-workers. They inspire me everyday to create something new, something refined, something better for a bright future. Its with this passion that we are Partners in Creativity to all our clients.

Prakash Chhabria

Founder- Shimera Project Lighting Private Limited.

Our Network

We have 2 hubs, viz. Mumbai & Delhi where we have showcased some of our best prolific works. Our team of experts are also present in Bangalore, Hyderabad & Ahmedabad to help you choose the best quality solutions for your projects.

on Display

10,000 square ft in the heart of Mumbai city (Lower Parel) 35,000 square ft showroom in New Delhi (M G Road) Franchise/ Channel Partner Showroom – Ahmedabad & Bangalore.

With group of more than 50 professionals and experienced leadership of some the best in the industry, we have a vision to grow with our customers and continuously add value to the environment.

Shimera is here to bring together light and design....like no one can! SHIMERA - a true lighting solutions company!

To bring the world’s leading professional luminaries to every Indian Customer

Provide aspiration, high quality & affordable light ing solutions for the right application

We blend innovation technology with precision & harmony lighting

Entrepreneurship, Customer-orientation, Professionalism, Care and Integrity