We all come across LIGHTS in our everyday life. We have also learnt that the SUN is a major source of light for planet Earth.

SHIMERA Solutions  

For Residential

Today, discerning home owners are willing to do much more to enrich their lifestyles and homes. Apart from the finesse that they look for in architectural design, most clients also pay a lot of attention to great Lighting for their homes.

By using the perfect lighting, home aesthetics can be enhanced in its appearance, both on the interiors and exteriors.


For Commercial

“Bright lights make everyone happier and more productive.” Human factors are at the heart of contemporary office concepts, interior design and office lighting. High-quality lighting enhances the perceived attractiveness of workplaces, boosts motivation and aids concentration.

This is the logic that drives each of our office lighting specialists.



More than any other sector, in the Hospitality segment, ‘First impressions count’. Taking note of this fact, SHIMERA’s lighting solutions for the hospitality segment are aimed at marking a great first impression, a welcoming ambience, fused with a pinch of excitement.

Our innovative hospitality lighting solutions help create a warm and unique setting to make hotel properties more attractive.


For Retail

Retail stores often present unique lighting challenges. To engage a client, the retailer must create the right environment. It is important to incorporate flexibility with style, simplicity, colour and energy efficiency.